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The 8th Annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends

Access the latest insights on pressing issues facing the U.S. benefits industry to help keep you on the cutting-edge of benefits trends.

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American Dream Study - The 2010 MetLife Study of the American Dream Americans are working harder and spending less - but is it paying off?
MetLife Study of International Employee Benefits Trends - MetLife's Inaugural Study of International Employee Benefits Trends: Access the latest insights on the benefits landscape in India, Mexico, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
Building a Better Benefits Program Without Breaking the Budget - As the economy begins to recover from the recession, there are big expectations for small business to provide the engine that will drive the American economy. Take a deeper dive into results from MetLife's Employee Benefits Trend Study specific for small businesses.
Dental Disease Management: What Makes an Effective Program - Dental Disease Management: What Makes an Effective Program provides insights into the current state of dental disease management. It also discusses what makes a dental disease management program effective and what employers can expect from it.
MetLife’s Enrollment Toolbox - MetLife’s Enrollment Toolbox helps you address the challenges of annual enrollment for your clients - you’ll find resources to help them determine the benefits offerings that fit the needs of their employees and tips to educate employees on their benefits options.
Elevating the Value of Dental Benefits Through Employee Communications - The report provides insights into communications best practices that can directly impact the success of a dental benefits plan. By understanding and implementing strategies discussed in the report, you can make changes to dental benefits in a way that helps drive employee satisfaction and retention.
Group Life Portfolio Brochure - MetLife’s comprehensive Group Life portfolio addresses the needs of your clients, their employees and beneficiaries. We focus on your clients' benefits objectives to help identify the right Group Life solutions for their company.
Employee Benefits Simplifier - Help your clients' employees get the most out of their benefits with the Employee Benefits Simplifier, an easy to use tool that provides benefits guidance and education.
Engaging the 21st Century Multi-Generational Workforce - Explore how employers can enhance engagement with simple, cost-efficient efforts. A workbook, case studies, and an employer strategies document are also available to provide data-informed strategies and concrete steps organizations are taking to address critical workforce issues.
Discovering What Matters: Balancing Money, Medicine and Meaning - The study shows that the most content people focus on the non-financial essentials in their lives. The accompanying workbook contains self-assessment tools, advice and resources to help people create new goals for what lies ahead.
2008 Retirement Income IQ Study - Review findings including whether or not there are still misconceptions among Americans about how much time they will spend in retirement and what needs to be done to ensure that they will have a steady stream of income once they stop working.
Searching for the Silver Bullet: Leading Edge Solutions for Leveraging an Aging Workforce - Learn from several case studies how companies are addressing the challenges of an aging workforce.
Living Longer, Working Longer: The Changing Landscape of the Aging Workforce - Learn about the decisions older workers are making about work and retirement in America.
MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Past, Present and Future - The 25th Anniversary edition demonstrates how the perspectives of educators, administrators and students have changed over the years.
The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: The Homework Experience - Gain insights from the perspectives of teachers, students and parents about who values homework and how it is used, as well as implications for teacher education and new teacher induction in K-12 schools. These findings could prove to be useful as you help your clients use employee benefits to attract and retain top teachers.
The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, 2006: Expectations and Experiences - Gain insights on maintaining and increasing teacher satisfaction - insights that can help you develop proactive recommendations for your education clients.
Life Advice® - a free educational resource that can help your clients answer employees' requests for insurance and financial information.
Workplace Warriors: The Corporate Response to Deployment and Reintegration - Access information on best practices in human resources and disability management to share with clients that want to develop successful reintegration programs for employees returning from military duty.
The Preferred Dentist Program - Through savings, service and quality, our comprehensive approach to building and maintaining our network focuses on delivering the value employers need and the positive experience employees want.
403(b) Resource Center - Learn more about our thought leadership and insights on the 403(b) regulations.
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MetLife Dental Health ManagerSM - The MetLife Dental Health Manager is a complete dental disease management program. It provides tangible, actionable insights that can help employers make better benefit decisions, and help employees manage their oral and overall health.
Employee Benefits Benchmarking Tool - Discover in-depth employee benefits data to help you quickly compare your clients’ benefits perceptions and priorities – as well as their employees’ attitudes – to those of similar companies and employee populations.
IDI/LTD Integrated Solution - An integrated solution enabling you to create a more robust benefit program for executives and highly compensated employees. The IDI/LTD integrated solution has an enhanced collaborative claims process which helps ensure prompt and efficient service.
Identity Theft Solutions - Find out how this benefit - packaged with Travel Assistance - can help participants prevent an identity theft occurrence and provide personal guidance in their time of need.
MetLife’s Products & Services Overview - Present MetLife’s range of products and services to your clients with this overview brochure.
MetLife Service Brochure - Learn more about our extraordinary service and innovative solutions that has made us industry leaders.
MetLife Online Service Solutions Brochure - Get a glimpse of MetLife’s award-winning suite of online service portals that can help make managing benefit programs simple and easy.
Disability Income Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) Program - Help your clients recognize the need for offering individual disability income insurance to their employees via a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) program.
Group Term Life and AD&D Portability Feature - Recommend a solution for your clients' employees that may help them avoid a gap in their Group Life coverage should they leave the company.
LifeLong Income From MetLife At-a-Glance - Find solutions for generating lifelong retirement income that can benefit employees no matter where they are in retirement planning.
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Broker Forms Library - Access frequently requested broker and customer forms.
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MetLife Online Service Solutions Demos - Learn about MetLife’s award-winning suite of online service portals - all designed to help you simplify your clients benefits administration.
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The 8th Annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends
Access the latest insights on pressing issues facing the U.S. benefits industry to help keep you on the cutting-edge of benefits trends.

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